Miss Polly Rae

Our host Miss Polly Rae will be opening the stage at midnight… Along with Lola’s Show Boy & Girls, Polly Rae is our queen of the night.

Look out for her spectacular opening performance at Glitter Room. Polly Rae literally eats glitter and gems for breakfast and makes the perfect mascot for our Mayday Masquerade Glitterball. ‘Polly Rae magically combines the salubrious with the sexy’ (<—- the Telegraph said that) so, prepare to party until the early hours of the morning.

Remember it’s Bank Holiday, no work on Monday, no excuses, we gonna get this place lit! Follow Miss Polly Rae on Instagram and Facebook

£8 early bird tickets ON SALE now for Glitter Room's Boxing Day Masquerade GlitterBall

at the Tropicana Beach Club - Wednesday 26th December 2018

Boxing Day Masquerade Glitterball


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